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Limbo Society is a creative design & strategy studio comprised of a loose network of designers, thinkers, artists, writers, and the like. More simply stated, Limbo Society is Tim Reavis and Company. Tim often uses “We” in the royal plurality form, in his oft-occurring fits of grandeur. Limbo Society can, therefore, also be characterized as multiple aspects of the same person, in semi-symphonic concert with one another.

We operate under a simple premise: we believe that humans are the creators and purveyors of their own meaning. We are, consequentially, explorers of meaning, and seek to create and convey it in collaboration with our clients. “Design” to us is simply the communication of ideas, of values, of meaning - it’s the materialization of these abstract forms. What do you mean to your community? What does your company mean to society? What do you seek to mean? The collaboration process (sometimes) results in an answer, that we then seek to help you communicate to society through the service offerings below...

The Twelve Labors Of Limbo Society

The Twelve Labors Of Limbo Society

“Behold, the centaur demographic has no use for shoes, but recent trends show they’ve become quite fond of the cardigan, and perceive your brand as a chief proveyor of such.”

“What invaluable insight, thank you.”

Brand Strategy

You peer into the River Styx. You ask yourself, “Who am I? To the world? To myself?” The strings swell above you. “I determine who I am,” you declare, mostly to yourself. You decide that you’ve always enjoyed Centaurian cinema and Pre-Adam meteorology studies. You set out to find new ways to be yourself. This is brand strategy.


“Oooooo that feels right.”

Brand Concepting & Naming

You decide that “Dorian” better suits your new sense of self. When you say to people, “My name is Murphy but I go by Dorian,” they say in return, “You look like a Dorian. You’ve got the whole Centaurian cinephile-vibe going. Right on man.” This is concepting, how strategy informs the idea of you, and how you identify yourself.

“Behold, your new logo.”

“It’s, it’s beautiful. It says everything I’ve ever wanted to say about anything.”

Identity Design/Branding

You purchase four too-many Quentin Chirontino t-shirts. You put up a framed old-world gulfstream map at your office. You grow some casual horns, but make sure it doesn’t look, you know, toooo casual. This is design and branding, how you look to the world, and how they likewise interpret you.

“Hi, I’m Writer’s Block let’s hang out.”

“Away from me Succubus.”


You develop a modest list of catch-phrases, that only the people who you want to get it, get it. “It's Fridaaaaay time to click clop and drop it.” “I'm no saddle-slinger, but...” “Sooooo Chirontino.” It annoys some people, but entertains and/or informs others. Your tone defines you. This is copywriting.

“So the line style for this concept reflects the cut-collage style of many mid-century movie posters, such as...”

“Why are you naked?”


You decide you want an “Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Worked” tattoo, because you’re a Pre-Adam Meteorology buff. You want it in black ink, you take your time putting lines to parchment. You hold it up, and declare, “It is ready for my body.” This is illustration.

“Then I spake unto myself,‘I shall build mine own site,’ and lo, here I sit, naked and starved of sanity...”

“We must help this man. He also, is naked.”

Web Design & Dev

You’re approached by GIG (“Giant Improv Group” - giants who do improv, not a giant group of improvisors). They need an online presence, but they've been driven mad by code and Earthly conceptions of connectivity. You tell them “It’s like an info booth, but on the Internet.” They still don't get it. This is web design.

“Wow look at all those good ideas.”

“We’ve got to get them down here.”

Marketing Campaigns

You work for the First Circle CVB Marketing Department. You want to show the Earth-dwellers that the First Circle isn’t such a bad place to spend their eternity. You work with a local firm from the Cocytus to promote your Circle. “Exactly halfway between the absolute best, and the absolute worst.” It's a hit. This is marketing.

“Mmk way too much make-up Beatrice. Back to wardrobe with you...”

“Are you suuure?”

Video Production

You’re approached by the Pre-Adam Meteorological Network (PAMN). They want to make a mini-doc about the effects of Original Sin on Earth’s weather patterns. You take your picture lantern and interview the best scientists in (and under) the world. Now everyone’s a touch smarter. This is video production.

“Dammit I’m overexposed like three stops.”

“I mean, we are staring into the Empyrean...”


The Third Circle’s premier outdoor brand Bad Harrower wants to build a campaign around it’s new hiking jacket - “The Cerberus Flex.” You take Virgil (in jacket), and your other picture lantern on a four-day hike from the icy cliffs of Antenora, all the way to the Primum Mobile, capturing the images on the way. This is photography.

“I can't see sh!t.”

“They must’ve skipped prototyping, amongst other things...”

UI/UX Design

The Vestibule Customs Office wants to undertake a massive operations restructuring project that includes a multi-lane kiosk system for incoming souls, to pre-sort them before they cross the Acheron. They want you to create a seamless experience across all touch points, culminating in the kiosk interface. This is UI/UX design.

“Woe is me, I’m stuck in this well for all eternity and it’s so BLANK.”

“We could paint that.”

Murals & Art Commissions

The Giants of Malebolge Arts Association needs someone to brighten up their giant stone wells. Something colorful, geometric, maybe abstract, or maybe something with a touch of retro-futurism. They bring in a different human artist every month to paint a well, but usually just end up musing about how small they are. This is art.

“The King requires a terrarium design for a serpent.”

“We’ll see what we can do.”

Et Cetera

Terrarium design for the giant King Minos, stage and lighting design for the Cocytus Ice-Skating Championship Halftime Show, content creation for the Annual Malebranche Business Expo: this is saying yes to everything that sounds mildly interesting, and being open to a challenge.