l o a d i n g



For Aspiring Messiahs, Saints, And Prophets


“When I raised my eyes a little higher,
I saw the master of the men who know,
seated in philosophic family.”

He who hath ears - Prophets of Present, Messiahs of Modernity, Patron Saints of Pathological Selfies - let him hear. As Dante descended with Virgil through the First Circle of Hell, they passed through the seven doors of the philosophers’ Citadel of Limbo. Here, they beheld many of history’s greatest poets, writers, warriors, kings, scientists, and philosophers dwelling for eternity, in philosophic community - Homer, Ovid, Socrates, Ptolemy, the like. Limbo Society, of earthly form, is a (hopefully-not-too-esoteric) creative strategy & design studio that takes its cues from this pantheon of thinkers, striving to creatively apply their lessons to the problems facing our communities and our world primarily through explorations of design and word (and Plato’s Forms). We’re thinkers, amateur polymaths, designers, coders, the like. Scroll to see the creatures we’ve conjured for past clients, or wander in the vague direction of our Ramblings...

A Sisyphus Loop
A Hemlock Cheers
A Forever Tongue
A Broken Rung
A Sparred Rod
A Lower Bar
A Gaping Mind
A Gnawing Sense
A Careful Clockhand
A Screaming Nightstand
A Mother Species
A Kid Giant
A Worthy Vice
A Burning Paradise
A Floating Sword
A Living Flame
A Copper Snake
A Pointless Rake
A Flaming Pen
A Glare Within
Limbo Society